Hey! Welcome to my blog, I'm an otaku, Death Note fan, L fangirl, call me what you please. This is my Death Note blog! (Send me a message if you want to follow my personal.) I just want to give a shout out to the awesome person who made my theme, bring-me-to--life! Go follow her, for mostly Kuroshitsuji and Death Note. I want to thank my followers to, I've gotten way more than I thought I would when joining Tumblr, simply out of curiosity, so thank you! I love you! I don't really have anything that interesting to tell about myself that I can think of off the top of my head, but if there's anything you want to know or are curious about feel free to send me messages or questions. Anon's on so go ahead and bombarde me. So, have fun looking around I guess! :)

If you keep my secret, I'll give you this strawberry ~L

The bells. They're very loud today. Can't you hear them? ~L

Shinigami in the Human World
Wammy's Kids


I know it took me long enough, but I’ve finally moved!

—->clicky click<—-

I promise, I’ll be on more often from now on…I’ll just….make an over-sized queue:)

I’m really sorry to the people who’ve been following me from the start…when my account got deleted…twice…I know I’m annoying…but yeah….still love you guys~<3

Buh bye (*3*)

Guys, update!

So, I moved my personal to —->here<—- if anyone’s interested. 

I know I haven’t been on at all…well, hardly, in the last few days…to those who aren’t following my personal, I’m still here!

I’m actually going to be moving this blog too soon…but not for a little while, just note I’ll probably only post like 1-5 things a day, if anything, until it’s moved…so…yeah.

Love you~<3

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  • What is your favorite anime and character from it?
Death Note—L ;)
  • How many anime have you actually finished watching?
Only 4…
  • Who are your biases?
Key—SHINee/Bom—2NE1/G-Dragon—BIGBANG (I haven’t been into Bigbang for that long, but so far GD is my favourite.)
  • Is there any song that gives you a awesome feeling inside and can make you feel better any day? 
Hello—SHINee/Up&Down—SHINee. Yeah, SHINee songs always make me feel better I dunno. I guess it’s just how happy these particular songs sound….this is getting cheesy shut up Rachel.
  • Name a person on tumblr that you really want to become friends with.
  • Strawberries or cherries?
Cherries. I hate strawberries sorry.
  • Name one thing you love to do, but are to embarrassed to say so.
TUMBLR. Embarrassed, scared, meh. Stay away from Tumblr people of Facebook.
  • Favorite singer or band, how did you find out about them?
Probably SHINee and 2NE1. I found out about them…on the internet…I watched a video called “Kids React to K-Pop” and even though I completely hated almost everything they said in that video, it’s how I found K-Pop. After I’d seen it I went to watch one of the videos they’d included in it, Gee—Girls’ Generation. I became a fan of SNSD shortly after, but then I went to watch another video that was included I am the best—2NE1. I really loved their style so after watching that video about 10 million times I watched more of theirs. I became a complete Blackjack and spammed Tumblr with it. Eventually a video called SHINee—Lucifer came up in my recommended videos. I completely loved it. (I fangirled to much over Taemin seriously.), then I watched Hello, found that one completely adorable. (Lead to me fangirling over Key.), so, same process, I watched more of their videos, eventually became a Shawol and spammed Tumblr with SHINee. I also really like BIGBANG but I’ve only heard Fantastic Baby and Badboy so far…I need more….
  • Why did you make a tumblr?
Well my friend showed it to me, I got extremely bored with that. So I gave up. Then I had a moment where I thought. “Wait. Maybe on Tumblr there are pEOPLE LIKE ME.” so I looked. What do you know? Social Life=*explosion*
  • If you were in a situation that you had to either kill your bias and family or give up your computer anything else that will allow you to go on the internet, which would you choose?
Yeah, Tumblr’s great, but without it, I’d live. Without my family, I wouldn’t….and if I killed my bias I’d explode into a fangirling mess and then explode again. No, just no. Key shall stay thank you very much.

  • Favorite stuffed animal?
This weird rainbow one I have. Not that I use it anymore, but I took it to the “teddy bears picnic” we had in my infants school. It just makes me smile I dunno…
  • Share an amazing story about yourself or someone that you know. c:
I don’t really have any, sorry….reality’s so boring…. /sigh/

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